Since its establishment in 2007, HGN has grown into a distinguished full-service law firm, delivering unique and aggressive legal strategies in the local market that cater to a diverse clientele, including both entrepreneurs and international corporations. Our role as legal counsel for major local and regional projects and various transnational companies has positioned us as a leader in the field, making us the partner of choice for some of the most prominent national holdings.

At HGN, we are committed to the ethical conduct of business and the pursuit of justice. Our efforts have led to positive changes in corporate and governmental behavior, providing significant benefits to our clients and contributing to a safer, more just world. Our team is comprised of nationally recognized lawyers with exceptional experience and a commitment to high ethical standards, ensuring justice for our clients. We have built a solid reputation and consistently received high honors for our dedication to excellent customer service and our ability to address every client’s needs while providing top-tier legal services on par with large corporations.

Our attorneys are recognized leaders in the legal community, offering the high-quality legal services expected from larger firms combined with the personalized attention that distinguishes the best boutiques. We provide proactive business and litigation advice, taking the time to understand our clients’ objectives and preemptively address potential issues.

HGN is a multi-practice law firm with a team of lawyers and associates boasting expertise in nearly every aspect of Azerbaijani law. Our senior team includes well-respected lawyers with both domestic and international practice, offering unparalleled educational backgrounds and experience. This makes our attorneys ideal partners for foreign investors seeking legal assistance in Azerbaijan.

Our areas of practice include corporate law, banking, energy and natural resources, telecommunications, insurance, real estate, intellectual property, legal entity registration, employment, and private law matters. We also specialize in dispute resolution and litigation services before courts and state bodies in the Republic of Azerbaijan, earning a reputation as the “winning litigation team” in the country.

Serving major foreign and local companies, we have the knowledge, staff, and resources to represent our clients in the most complex cases. Our experience includes representing clients in lawsuits against banks, insurance companies, tax authorities, and other governmental agencies. As skilled litigation lawyers, we possess the courtroom expertise to achieve victories against formidable opponents and are equally effective in settlement negotiations.

Our real estate team consists of the most professional local lawyers and real estate brokers. Additionally, we have formed cooperation agreements with leading local audit firms, enabling us to support our clients with their tax and accounting needs comprehensively.

Catering to an international client base, we ensure quality service by providing assistance in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages, reflecting our global reach and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

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